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Melbourne The Fitzroy pub crawl

The secret to a good pub crawl: 1) Venues should be no longer than 7 minutes walking distance apart 2) They should be positioned so people will always be walking down hill 3) Having pints at each stop is just stupid, so just go the pots people and make the day last longer. We also recommend starting in the early arvo, as to avoid in late night f*ckwits. 

NOTE: Some pubs do not allow large pub crawling groups. We suggest you go in small numbers and give the venue are call if your after a large feed. 






Union Club Hotel: Ignore the offspring crap. A good starting point with 3 outdoor areas. Don't forget the rooftop deck.


(4 minute walk to) 


Napier Hotel: In our top 3 of all time. Unpretentious with great staff and our favorite front bar in the State. Too early to go the Bogan Burger though. Sit out the front and take in the Fitzroy Town Hall. Our fav building in the country. NOTE: they don't like groups so pass this venue if you are in one.


(2 minute walk to)


Rainbow: Great beer garden, good service and tasty craft brews. Don't get too comfy there though, you've just started. 


(2 minute walk to)


Labour in Vain Hotel:  Awesome place to see some tunes or head upstairs to the deck. Has a new coopers happy hour.


(1 minute walk to)


Standard Hotel:  Generally regarded as one of the best beer gardens in town. No specials though! 


(7 minute walk to)


Catfish: Philly cheese-steaks and tasty beers. This could be a good spot for a bite.


(5 minute walk to)


Gertrude Hotel: Seems like this place gets better and better every year. 


(10 second walk to)


Wilde Bar: Constantly underrated, but food is top notch and seats outside are great vantage spot. Head upstairs too for events. 


(1 minute walk to)


Fitzroy Beer Garden: Ripper beer garden and some mad specials if you are doing a mid-week crawl. Love their parma on Wednesdays.


(2 minute walk to)


Grumpy's Green: Have become one of our go to food and drink specials on the Smith St strip. Normally has a band on, so this is a good time to chill out. 

(15-80 minute UBER home)





Karl Kopp


10 May 2014 1:20 AM


12 Dec 2017 12:00 PM

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