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Melbourne Our Favourite Kebab Places in Melbourne

Kebab joints can be a very personal thing. Some of us still feel uneasy about those electric shaver things for lord's sake. As late teens, we frequent caravans, dodgy vendors, and even petrol stations in which to get one. But as we age, our taste becomes more refined, so that if we wake up with a kebab in a pocket after a late night, chances are it will be a quality one. Here are our top six. 


Amasya Kebab House, 134 Nicholson St, Footscray.
Simple, cheap, tasty and off the radar for those not out west. On some occasions we have even caught a taxi here. A favourite with the Turkish community.

Lamb on Spit, 245 Malvern Rd, South Yarra.
Most can't remember being here. Deserves to have more sober patrons such is the quality of the beast. The best time is the late afternoon when they put up the meat.

Hasir Kebabs, 285 Smith St, Fitzroy.
Their shish kebabs are a little bit pricey, but are certainly worth it. Has the occasional day time specials which we like. Needs a TV on premises however. 

Lambs on Brunswick, 314 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
People are either a Souva King fan or a Lambs fan. We are the latter. On those special nights we ask them to wrap a lamb pizza (a pizza with lamb shavings) around the kebab meat. Bliss. 

Stalactites, 177 Lonsdale St, City.
Our pick of the city places, as the quality is usually high and the 24 hour opening hours are forever handy. 

Pashas, 108 Smith St, Collingwood.
Turkish restaurant that does takeaway...and home delivery if you don't mind! The chicken shish is our favourite. Has specials you can see on our site too!


We know this list is very subjective so let us know your favourite!



Karl Kopp


10 May 2014 1:03 AM


12 Dec 2017 12:00 PM



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