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Melbourne Five Brunswick Street Deals for under $5

Five Brunswick Street Deals for under $5

By Kristy Billing

Bimbo Deluxe376 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

The pizzas here are an absolute steal, at $4 a pizza this is an absolute no-brainer when trying to save money and also get a decent feed.


Naked For Satan, 285 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

For $2 you can have a Pintxos, with your choice of fish, vegetarian, vegan, duck, chicken, meat or jamon (Spanish ham). These Pitnoxs’ are served on toothpicks and can be devoured in two to three bites. They also go down well with the exclusively brewed boutique beers.

Lord of the Fries, 383 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

You can’t go wrong with a mini burger from Lord of the Fries. For just $4.95 it’s the perfect way to spend your loose change, with your choice of original, spicy or poutine.

Veggie Bar, 380 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

For $3.50 you can chow down on a refreshing Miang Kham, which is a Thai street snack and has the added bonus of being a healthy option too. It’s full of flavours like coconut and lime and is served on a betel leaf.

Mukka, 365 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

Samosa’s here are $3.50 and the home made pastry really hits the spot. Served with mint and tamarind chutney these samosas are bursting with flavour.




Karl Kopp


18 Sep 2016 10:14 PM


12 Dec 2017 12:00 PM

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