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Pinnacle Hotel


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Top 50 2016


Certainly one of the most oddly shaped pubs in Melbourne (a former post office that became a pub in the late 90s), over the past few years this local watering hole seems to be doing everything right. With an impressive selection of one-off guest beers and a kitchen that provides much better than the average pub fare (go the specials), simply sitting at the pointy end on grandma chairs as the suns seeps in is one of the city's great pleasures. The tiny bar is made for "stooling up" and the beer garden resembles a university student's backyard with an assortment of beards and babies listening to some mellowed tunes. Excellent choice.

Food & Drink specials

Day Time Special Details Rating Type
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 15:00-23:00 $8 pints of house beer
Wed 17:00-21:30 $18 Steaks
Mon 17:00-21:30 $15 Cheese burgers
Tue 17:00-21:30 $15 fried chicken
Sat Sun 12:00-22:00 $8 pints of house beer
Sat Sun 12:30-15:00 $15 fish and chips


  • Trivia Night
  • Beergarden
  • Parma


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