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The Year that was 2014

This year our hits increased 70% to around 1.2 million. Thanks!

It was always going to be a big year for THH, it being our 10th Birthday and all. On a warm April day, over 200 of the Happiest Army partied it up at the Tote Hotel, enjoying a bbq, bands and heaps of prizes. Next year, we plan on having free entry, fledgling bands and crazy specials. Keep an eye out for your invite. 


Mid year we announced our Top 50 pubs in Melbourne. First place went to the Pinnacle which was seen as a controversial pick at the time, but it's amazing how other new media have jumped on it, after it was named. Next year's count should have some newbies in the running, some of which feature in the 86 Tram Crawl.


This year THH also went international, uploading Auckland specials. Next year we plan on adding Wellington and our capital city Canberra, because god knows they need it. We also plan to pump our Sydney listings since they have more specials than anywhere else in oz. 


What about 2015?

We are currently building a brand new app, which puts much of the control in the hands of the venues owners, giving them a dynamic pricing framework. We hope this is launched around Feb and make the user experience much better. 




Chris Canty


30 Dec 2014 10:21 PM


30 Dec 2014 10:21 PM


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