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Best Hot Jam Doughnut Specials

The best place to enjoy hot jam doughnuts at is the footy, but with the AFL season coming to an end so will the hot jam doughnut joy. So here are the best hot jam doughnuts in Melbourne, to fill the void this off season.

Bu Kristy Billing

American Doughnut Kitchen, Queen Victoria Market

Still served out of the original 1950’s van, a bag of 5 of these sweet filled delights are $5.50 and the perfect treat to munch on as you wander through the market.

Hot Jam Doughnuts, Preston Market

These crispy doughnuts have a fluffy inside and ooze thick strawberry jam, a bag of 6 is $4.90. They are a little larger than the average doughnut so it is excellent value and well worth the trip to Preston.

Walkers Doughnuts, 2 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Half a dozen of these bad boys are $6 and made fresh in store. These doughnuts are full of jam and generously coated in sugar, the perfect sweet treat.

So fear not there are still be places available to purchase hot jam doughnuts this off season, but when it comes to recreating that footy atmosphere, you’ll just have to hold off till round 1 next year.








Karl Kopp


24 Sep 2016 11:50 PM


18 Nov 2017 12:26 AM

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