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Battle of the Cheapest Meals

In the left corner we have the Mount Erica Hotel. A decent pub in an area, well let's just say in an area that needs more pubs badly. Rumours spread that they were doing cheap steaks....and more excitingly cheap steaks all the time and not just on a Monday between 5.34pm and 5.37pm! $3 steaks in the front bar all day everyday is what they promote. Even without an sides, that's cheaper than Coles.


In the right corner we have the popular faux Irish pub Bridie O'Reillys (Brunswick). The place usually packs in the younger kids on Friday and Saturday nights but during the week it's far less busy...besides a Wednesday that is, because Wednesday is parma night, where $4.50 will get you a parma with chips. Not bad for a bird that normally costs $22.50 on the menu. We posted it on reddit and there was a pretty hearty discussion about what corners had to be cut for a parma to be that cheap, but we say decide yourself. 





Karl Kopp


05 Feb 2015 8:53 PM


17 Oct 2017 2:43 AM

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