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A 21-year-old's guide to weeknight partying

By Hayden Mannasa

Being 21 in Melbourne is a difficult task when it comes to balancing a poor bank account and a HECS debt that constantly increases due to failing subjects. However if you suddenly won tattslotto.....nah scrap that. If you suddenly won a NBA, AFL, EPL outrageous multi bet (we are 21 afterall), where should we go every weekday?

It's Monday!

Monday nights are always best served catching up with mates, and nothing is better than cheap jugs in Northcote starting out at the Peacock Inn Hotel with $8 jugs of Coopers. But get in early, every hour after 8pm the jugs increase by $1! Then moving slightly downhill towards the Northcote Social Club to soak up some old school grunge/pub vibe will set up nicely for the week ahead.


It's Tuesday!

Tuesday night is where we get serious. If your are fresh out of high school, head down to the Hawthorn Hotel for one of the premier uni nights going around. $13 jugs of Boags and 5 Seed Cider go down a treat. However being 21 most likely you'll straight to Nev’s (Nevermind Bar) to show your maturity and newly established indie roots (Chet Faker is a regular and former DJ at Nev’s). But now it's time to cut loose and head to The Glenferrie Social (Formerly Cheers Nightclub) to get our much needed bogie on, before our mirror reflection tells us to head to Kebab Arena across the road for a feast!

It's Wednesday!

Wednesday night is solely reserved for the Harp of Erin Hotel, home to many Melbourne based AFL team's mad Monday. The happy hour lasts around about 8 til 11pm of $5 pints of CUB, followed up by the constant half volley of MTV’s top 40 hits on repeat while fists are awkwardly pumped in the air. Bring a group of mates, grab a booth and talk Shite.


It's Thursday!

Thursday night is the night of nights for the 21 year old. If you are feeling classy (buttoned up shirt), head down to The Ritz (Trak Lounge on Toorak Rd). The place is a monster venue that packs it in most nights as fancy drinks and polo shirts are in abundance. The night will be filled with powerful lasers and some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s. Must go here once. However if you’re into the more chilled indie crowd the one place (my favourite) is New Guernica. Located in the heart of the city and up a few flights of stairs this treehouse jungle themed bar turned night club has mini gazebos, and a cool dance floor playing staple triple j tunes. The happy hour is a major drawcard with $5 pints of boags that lasts until 11, and it’s only an hour wait until $4 vodka lemon lime and soda’s start at midnight! What more do we want?


It's Friday!

Friday night is reserved for '90s night at the Perseverance Hotel. We may have been born in the '90s and probably only rocked out to Teenage Dirt Bag if your parents were rad and let your watch Rage instead of Cheese TV then yeh, you would be familiar with most of the tunes. But if not, you will suddenly realise the '90s were an epic era for music, so get in early for easy bar access and feed!



So after all these nights you are broke and your car insurance and phone bill need to be paid. Let the weekend settle on unlimited 21st bar tabs and hungover Sunday work shifts until we do it all again next week!

#The author was not paid for this assignment.



Karl Kopp


10 May 2014 1:00 AM


26 Sep 2016 2:49 AM

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