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Australia Top Ten Happy Hours in Oz

Holiday season is approaching so why not check out some of these special across Australia! By Chris Canty

Number 1:

Tattersalls Hotel, Hobart (Tuesday):

With arguably Tasmania’s best beer list (along with Preachers), on Tuesdays you can prop yourself on the bar and order any pint for half price. That means you can experience double the one off kegs and seasonal specials. Tends to get a younger crowd which is another bonus. Run Forest Run!


Number 2:

Déjà vu Bar, Melbourne (Wednesday):

Located in the “dead” legal part of the CBD, it’s anything but on a Wednesday when they slap a $6 sticker on nearly all of their pints. Many regard this as one of the best beer lists in town and that’s saying something considering Melbourne’s craft beer boom. Drink with criminals and lawyers alike!

Number 3:

King St Brewhouse, Sydney (Monday-Friday):

Looking for a pub that serves good craft beer? Why not head to the source and get on the sauce! This microbrew pub in the heart of the city serves their beer fresh as possible and with $6 pints Monday to Friday, it will be hard to going anywhere else on quieter nights of the week.

Number 4:

Horn Please, Melbourne (Sundays):

We rate this as Melbourne’s best Indian restaurant and with their range of bottled craft beers that celebrates local drops and those from the USA, we make the pilgrimage here on a monthly basis for their Sunday all-you-can-eat deal.  Nom Nom Nom Nom.


Number 5:

Lord Alfred Hotel, Brisbane (Sundays):

Promoting drink specials is illegal in Brisbane (poor sods) but that doesn’t stop us from listing some great food deals, including our favourite here. Free BBQ on a Sunday and although we can’t list it, yes there are drink specials on the day too! Brisbane; beautiful one day, drowning in sausages the next.

Number 6:

Coopers Ale House, Adelaide (daily):

Gotta respect the Coopers family (holds out fist to bump), as they have manoeuvred their way through corporate Australia to deliver great beers without compromising on their traditions. You can get $5 Coopers pints every night of the week, but be warned if you’re visiting SA for the first time, their pints are actually schooners (WTF!).

Number 7:

Father’s Office, Melbourne (Wednesday):

If I was a musician, I’d name the band “All you can eat chicken wings”, just to attract more people who see the sign. Hugely popular with the after workers, many head to the balcony looking over the State Library and chow down on the unlimited tasty morsels, with a nice craft beer too boot.

Number 8:

Carnegies, Perth (Friday):

“Shhhh,” she says affectionately putting a finger to his lips. “You had me at free bar snacks.” In the great tradition of a six o’clock swill, one hour of half price beer of all taps, together with some free nibbles. The perfect place for a 4th date.


Number 9:

Dove & Olive, Sydney (Thursday):

Is slowly becoming Sydney’s best craft beer pub, and with $9 meals most of the week, it ticks all the boxes.

Number 10:

Annalakshmi, Perth (Tuesday to Sunday):

To put it simply, shouldn’t everyone just pay what they feel?



Karl Kopp


09 May 2014 11:57 PM


12 Dec 2017 12:00 PM

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