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Melbourne Three Reasons why Sunday is the best day

Three reasons why Sunday sessions are the best!

1. The Roasts:

So you’ve decided to move out of home at the age of 32...good for you. Alas where will you find those roasts that your mother use to make? Our first port of call is always The Fox Hotel. They have a $22 two-course deal that changes weekly that is top quality and matched with some tasty craft beers. Down the road the Carringbush just started a Paella or Roast with craft beer pint for $25. Out pick for the best Roast in town though is at the Snug. It’s huge, hearty and full of meat. Who needs parents?


 A Roast at the Snug. Our Top Pick!

2. The Music:

While on Friday/Sat Nights you’re often crammed against a sweaty wall at midnight trying to get a glimpse of the hipster girl singing angst ridden songs about growing up in Warrnambool, on Sundays it’s a much more chilled affair. For a day of rocking, you can’t go past the Espy, which is still kickin on, and giving stage time to those that really need it. Sadly Pure Pop Records nearby has closed. Up North, The Rainbow has the beer garden to satisfy a Sunday session (and a great roast as well for $20), followed by Labour in Vain which always has free tunes starting at around 5pm. New on the scene, The Yarra is turning into one of our favorites too. Live music and killer beer garden. Of course, winner of our Top 50 pubs is the Pinnacle which has killer tunes and grub.


Sunday tunes at the Labour in Vain. Voted number 3 in our Top 25 pubs of 2012.

3. The Crowd: 

Sunday peeps always seem more chilled. Often they are hungover, work in hospitality and don't have to worry about getting up on a Monday morning. That’s the type of people we like. No knobs wearing jackets with no ties, talking about their wage, where they have to wear the same jacket with a tie. Nah, we like hanging out on the street tables, next to our parked bikes, sipping pints and talking shite.


 Outside the Marquis of Lorne - Good Sunday pub, just re-opened Nov 2014.

PS - For all you Christians that think Sunday is a time to respect the lord, we aren’t the ones drinking wine in the morning!




Karl Kopp


10 May 2014 12:13 AM


12 Dec 2017 12:00 PM

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