Transport Bar


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Popular with zone 2ers, or those looking for a quick drink before catching the train home. Good beer

Food & Drink specials

Day Time Special Details Rating Type
All Week 17:00-19:00 Happy Hour 5-7pm $3 pots $5 House Wines Cocktail specials $1 chicken wings
Wed 17:00-21:00 $1 Wings 5pm - 9pm; $15 SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI ALL DAY
Thu 12:00-21:00 MISS ZHOU'S HOUSEMADE DUMPLINGS, 5 for $5 from 5 - 9pm;
Fri 17:00-23:00 5pm - 11pm, $10 Cocktails, $15 CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP ALL DAY
Sat 17:00-21:00 $2 TACOS from 5 - 9pm
Thu - UNI NIGHT. Happy Hour 5-7pm AND 10pm – Midnight $3 Boags pots and $5 house wines Cocktail specials $1 Chicken wings and free bar snacks.


  • Beergarden
  • Parma
  • Footy
  • Foxtel


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